Singing and talent competitions are nothing new and have been on radio and television since the beginning. We think it’s time to honor the past, enjoy the present, and create the future of country music artist competitions, with the technology of today. The goal of American Country Star is to provide the opportunity for anyone to submit their songs and performances online to veteran Nashville producers for an honest evaluation of their work. The best get invited to Nashville to perform in a live audition showcase, judged by the legends of country music. The winner’s prize packages are unprecedented in the history of country music, and each and every competitor shares in this unique gathering of America’s best breakthrough artists.

American Country Star doesn't stop there.  We've all heard stories about talent shows that just use people and dispose of them when the lights go down. That just ain't our style.  At ACS, we like to think of our artists as family.  And as a family, we do our best to help ALL of our contestants realize their dreams.  Head on over to our Artist Development page to learn more.

This isn't Hollywood, New York, or Atlanta. This is the new Road To Nashville, and anyone with a country singer’s voice, heart, and mind, can be a part of it. Our first four season winners came out of nowhere to win it all, and you can too. Good luck to all, and we look forward to seeing you in Nashville.